Third Birthday Party: Daniel Tiger

Veronika is three! Daniel Tiger is such a natural theme for this age, since almost every preschooler is going to be familiar with that friendly tiger face. The birthday girl needed attire to set the stage, of course, sporting a personalized Katerina Kitty Cat t-shirt printed with her name and age.

Daniel Tiger invitation templates are easy to purchase online, making invites a cinch!

You can likewise find Daniel Tiger party supplies with ease. We ordered from Birthday in a Box for a tablecloth, plates, napkins, and party hats. Red and yellow balloons from the local toy store kept up the color-scheme, along with red plastic utensils and serving bowls, and yellow napkins. If you have any Daniel Tiger toys or figures, add them to the display!

Because kids at this age still tend to engage in parallel play rather than directed activities, we set up four stations that the little guests could rotate through at their own pace. The stations included:

O the Owl’s Reading Nook

Miss Elaina’s Music Shop

Daniel Tiger’s Craft Table

and Katerina Kitty Cat’s Dress-up Box

That left Prince Wednesday’s royal feast for the final touch!

For a mid-afternoon party, we kept the noshes simple. We needed a big fruit salad in keeping with the show’s frequent fruit banquets in the enchanted garden. We added chips and dip and then dessert, including store-bought vegan vanilla cupcakes and a homemade pumpkin cake for fall flavor. Spiced Pear Cider was the perfect beverage!

Plus there was an autumnal selection for the grown-ups:

Finally, friends went home with trolley-shaped treat boxes. The items inside featured trinkets that Daniel Tiger might enjoy, including a colored pencil for craft time, a bouncy ball for playground play, a magnifying glass for nature walks, bubbles (not shown), and a few candy treats (Smarties and lollipops).

Veronika declared the party grr-ific!


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