Teach Your Child To… Introduce Themself

Introduce (3)

If you’ve ever been in a toddler class where the kids are asked to say their name, then you know how likely it is for little kids to clam up instead. We loved these fun suggestions from Parents magazine to address the issue, which helped give Veronika the confidence to introduce herself now that she’s in a preschool setting!

First, simply practice saying, “Hi, I’m [fill in the blank]”. Teach your child to give a big wave instead of a handshake, here in our pandemic era.

Introduce (1)

Next, we lined up some of her dolls and stuffed friends. She went down the line and said to each one, “Hello cat, I’m Veronika,” or “Hello [doll name], I’m Veronika.”

Introduce (2)

What great practice! Parents also suggests a trick to help older kids remember people’s names: Always say the name before a sentence. So instead of simply saying, “What would you like to play?” he practiced saying, “What would you like to play… Veronika?”

Introduce (4)

This can help your child remember new names at school or after-school activities… And heck, it works for grown-ups too!


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