Paper Ball Owls

Paper Ball Owl (5)

This cute project comes together in a pinch; just save a few pages of the weekend news and you’ll have a snowy winter owl in no time!

To start, I invited Veronika to help me crumple up a few sheets of newspaper, a delight for the sensory feel and the auditory crinkle.

Paper Ball Owl (1)

Next, we covered each ball with a sheet of white paper, turning them into snow owls. Secure with a rubber band and either trim off the excess paper or leave on as little tail feathers.

Paper Ball Owl (3)

We used bottle caps as the eyes, adhering with sglue sticks. For the pupils and beak, we colored paper with markers first, then cut out circles for the former and a triangle for the latter. Felt would work, too!

Paper Ball Owl (4)

Finally, the owl needed wings! Help your child cut two wing shapes from an additional sheet of newspaper, and glue on.

Paper Ball Owl (6)

Veronika loved making this little fellow fly and hoot! Thanks to High Five magazine for the cute prompt!

Paper Ball Owl (7)


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