Memorial Day Boats

craft 1 (7)

Happy Memorial Day to all! Unfortunately our actual Monday is cloudy, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the sunshine over Saturday and Sunday. The pool opened for the summer at our apartment building, so Travis and I used the opportunity to craft toy boats for the water.

Travis doesn’t drink juice; so far he doesn’t know any beverage exists other than water and almond milk, and I’m happy to keep it that way for a while! But if I have a craft that calls for juice boxes, I prefer to buy R.W. Knudsen or Apple and Eve.

craft 1 (1)

I use the apple juice boxes to make apple cinnamon oatmeal for a few mornings in a row (cook the oats in a mix of half water/half juice, and sprinkle with cinnamon before serving), and then we have empty boxes to play with.

In the morning, Travis “helped” me make the boats, very busy with his safety scissors and scotch tape while I cut triangles out of red and blue paper (I chose those colors in honor of the holiday). Easier than gluing, I just taped the two triangle portions together, and then taped one “sail” to each straw “mast.” I punched a hole in each of the juice boxes and popped the straw in – voila! A little sail boat.

craft 1 (2)

Travis was delighted to try the boats in a basin of water in the kitchen right after we assembled them, and we added Duplo people for extra fun.

craft 1 (5)

Bonus points – he was having so much fun sailing his boats that I had time to peruse the New York Times, a rarity!

craft 1 (4)

Then it was time to hit the pool… Travis was more cautious in the water than I expected, because he loved swimming last summer. But I guess it’s been so long he needed time to – literally – get his feet wet first. He preferred just to stand on the top pool step and push his boat around.

craft 1 (6)

We were joined by friends though, including a girl Travis’ age who loved throwing a boat in, and two older boys who came up with all sorts of games for them – blowing at the boats to “sail” them, using the straw sails as squirters, and tossing the boats far away to see who could swim to them fastest. So it seems we’ll have to return to this craft in future Memorial Day weekends, as the fun extends beyond the toddler years!

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