Upcycled Train Toys

toddler 12 (3)

This craft might seem like an odd one for a vegan family, but fret not – no extra eggs were purchased in the making of this train! My (non-vegan) mother-in-law was kind enough to give me an egg carton once she’d used the eggs inside, allowing me to test out this fun idea from Hands On As We Grow.

To set the craft up, I cut the pieces of the egg carton apart, and poked two holes in each with the point of my scissors. I then presented the pieces to Travis, along with a pipe cleaner.

toddler 12 (1)

For all the effort, Travis was less into the “train” than I thought he would be, despite helping me thread a couple of the carton pieces onto the pipe cleaner.

toddler 12 (2)

I thought for sure he’d love to load his little Duplo people into the train for a ride, but he much preferred to fill it with mini pom poms from our craft bin. From there, he seemed unsure what to do with our creation.

toddler 12 (4)

I’ve been fostering his imaginative play lately, and love seeing his inner world come to life as he grows, so I prompted him with the idea of “make believe” from Daniel Tiger. “Let’s make believe the carton is a train!” I suggested. Suddenly he got it, and began chugging it around our living room floor.

toddler 12 (5)

What fun ideas can you think of for re-purposed egg cartons? Please share in comments below!

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