Fireworks Circle Prints

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This easy art project is a fun way to talk about a specific shape. Travis and I used circles, but if you’d rather focus on squares, triangles, or any other shape, it lends itself perfectly!

For the circle version, seek out a variety of round items in your home that you can dip into paint – jar lids and small (washable) circular toys work well.

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Fill pie tins or paper plates with paint in two or more colors, and show your child how to press the circular objects in the paint and then onto the paper. Travis quickly picked up on the fact that we were making only circles, and had fun playing with the different sizes and making small circles inside larger ones.

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Although we used purple and red paint for this project, the purple was so deep it dried nearly blue. When Travis had finished, I realized the resulting, overlapping circles looked like fireworks bursting in air!

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It turned out to be very appropriate for so soon before the Fourth of  July, and will hang on the fridge in celebration for the next week or so.