Toddler Tie-Dye

Toddler Tie-Dye (4)

Here’s a simple – groovy! –  way for even the youngest toddler to make his or her own tie-dye. Preschoolers will no doubt enjoy the craft, too… and perhaps more so, knowing you’re allowing them to play with normally-taboo permanent markers.

Stretch any white fabric over the rim of a wide plastic jar (like an empty peanut butter jar), and secure with an elastic. Since we have so many plain white onesies, I decided it would be fun to let Travis make a few into one-of-a-kind pieces! If you don’t want to sacrifice white onesies, napkins or handkerchiefs would also be fun.

Toddler Tie-Dye (1)

Let your toddler use colorful sharpie pens on the fabric, adding dots, lines, or circles.

Toddler Tie-Dye (3)

Using a water dropper, add drops of rubbing alcohol until all of the ink has been moistened. The sharpie colors will bleed, producing a beautiful tie-dye effect. I was impressed to see how Travis’s skill with the dropper had improved, even over the course of the few days since we used it to make a rainbow tote bag.

Toddler Tie-Dye (2)

Shift a clean section of fabric to the mouth of the jar, securing with the elastic again, and repeat as many times as desired. Once finished, place in the dryer for 15 minutes to set the colors.

Since our first onesie was purely a toddler creation (in every color imaginable!) I made a second version after Travis was busy elsewhere, this time with a unified color scheme. I look forward to having him wear these!

Toddler Tie-Dye (5)