Horse-Themed Day!

Horse Theme (1)

Occasionally, I’ll introduce a “theme” for the day, a nice way to give a loose structure to our play and spark ideas for creativity. Travis and I made today all about horses!

As a fine motor skills project, I thought it would be fun to use yarn as the mane on a coloring book cut-out of a horse. Surprisingly, since he loves yarn, Travis wasn’t in the mood to do the gluing or pressing down of the yarn, but it was a great way to introduce ‘mane’ into his vocabulary. He then enjoyed finishing the picture with watercolors (his request!) and crayons.

Horse Theme (2)

For gross motor play, I turned an old wrapping paper roll into a “hobby horse,” taping it closed at intervals and adding play scarves as the mane. Travis ignored the game in the morning, but surprised me mid-afternoon by picking the tube up and trotting about the apartment.

Horse Theme (4)

To add to the fun, we sang familiar horse ditties (“Trot Trot to Boston” “This is the Way the Ladies Ride”) as he galloped around.

Horse Theme (3)

To round-out your horse-themed day, pull out other toys around the house that contain horses (plastic barns and toy animals, stuffed animals etc). You can also read any books you have at home about horses.

Horse Theme (5)

And to end the day on a sweet note, sing ‘All the Pretty Little Horses’ as a lullaby!