Turtle in a Shell

Turtle Shell (4)

We had adorable, impromptu play this morning, and although the photos didn’t come out very well (a very blurry Travis on the move!), I wanted to put up a quick blog post.

A stuffed turtle became a favorite yesterday, having to come along on car rides with us and sleep in Travis’s crib. When he woke up this morning, Turtle followed us into the living room, so I thought: why not invite Travis to pretend he was a turtle as well?

I explained how the turtle has a shell that goes everywhere with him as he crawls around, and then placed a light blanket over Travis’s back. Well, he just loved pretending! He scampered all about the apartment, shouting out that he was a turtle…

Turtle Shell (1)

And interacting with his new stuffed buddy:

Turtle Shell (3)

I used a second blanket on my own back to show him how a turtle pulls its head inside the shell when it gets startled, which turned into a fun game of peekaboo.

Even once the turtle play ended, Travis loved parading around with the blanket on his shoulders for a while. A very fun, imaginative way to play with stuffed animals!

Turtle Shell (5)

What stuffed toys does your little one have that lend themselves to make-believe? Please share ideas in the comments!