Cookie Cutter Ice Ornaments


These sparkling ice ornaments are the perfect way to bring joy to even the coldest of winter cold snaps!

To wit, we have weather in the teens this week, which meant the perfect chance to try out the project.

In the evening, we filled an old baking sheet about 1/2-inch deep with water. Travis enjoyed placing the cookie cutters on the sheet, and we decorated a few of them with dried cranberries and raisins.


If you’re feeling extra artsy, you could add drops of food coloring, too, but Travis said he wanted ours clear.

Drape a length of string into each cookie cutter, so the water will freeze around it and enable you to hang the ornament once frozen.


I asked him what he thought would happen when we placed the water outside in the cold. To my surprise, he knew the answer was, “Ice!” Precisely!

We left the baking sheet on our balcony overnight, while the temperature dipped near 10 degrees with the wind chill.

In the morning, I told Travis it was time to check on our ice – he was so excited. The sheet got some experimental taps and pokes first.


To liberate our ornaments, we simply jiggled the cookie cutters a little, and the shapes came free. Travis had fun playing with the leftover ice chunks for a little while.


I tied them up to our balcony, where they were a gorgeous reminder of the beauty in even the coldest of days.


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