Dino Eggs

DIno Egg (4)

There are baby dinosaurs hatching in our kitchen! Okay, maybe not really, but this make-it-yourself clay egg recipe was as real as it gets for a toddler.

Half the fun was in gathering the materials, because first we needed dirt! Travis loved helping to shovel in the ground until we’d collected 1 cup.

Dino Egg (2)

At home, we mixed the dirt together with the following:

1 cup flour

1 cup sand

1/2 cup salt

2/3 cup water

Travis loved mixing the ingredients, and especially watching the way the dirt changed color once the flour and salt had been added.

Be careful as you add the water so that you don’t mix in too much – you want the mixture to stick together but not be mushy. I was the one getting my hands dirty for this part, while Travis still stirred with a spoon, but he loved watching!

Dino Egg (3)

Place small toy dinosaurs over a portion of the mixture and cover with more until the dinos are hidden, shaping them roughly into an egg.

If you live some place warm and sunny, dry the eggs outside for 4 or 5 days! We sped things up by baking at 175 degrees F for 4 hours. Travis loved peeking in the oven, where I told him the baby dinos were incubating!

DIno Egg (6)

In the morning, it was time to help our dinos hatch, with a little help from a friend! The outside of the “eggs” was quite hard, so it helped for adults to poke a hole with a chisel first to get the process going.

Dino Egg (7)

From there, the boys were able to use wooden craft sticks to get deeper inside the eggs.

Dino Egg (8)

The clay had stayed softer on the inside, so in the final stage, they could release the baby dinosaurs by hand. What a find!

Dino Egg (10)

After a final rinse in clean water, the baby dinos were ready to play.

Dino Egg (13)

This activity is a must for any dinosaur lover!

Dino Egg (12)


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