Shadow Puzzles

Shadow Puzzles (6)

This game is a delight… both to set up and to play!

First, I told Travis we needed to go on a hunt for special items. He had no idea what was in store, but just the word “hunt” was a thrill! Find a variety of objects around the house with relatively simple outlines. We collected blocks, a hairbrush, fork, pom pom, toy wrench, and clothespin.

Shadow Puzzles (1)

While Travis watched, I outlined each of the items, and then he was my helper handing over markers by color as I filled in the outlines. He was a very proud pen-cap-remover during this stage.

Shadow Puzzles (3)

With our shadows in place, it was time to find out which object cast which shadow!

Shadow Puzzles (4)

Most of our objects were fairly obvioys, but he puzzled over the hairbrush a bit, and was so satisfied when he found the right shadow.

Shadow Puzzles (5)

No sooner done than he asked to do it again – always the sign of a success!

Shadow Puzzles (7)


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