Instant Sensory Snow

Instant Snow (6)

Shaving cream snow was a big hit a few weeks back, and today we created a mixture that looked and felt even more like the real thing – in the middle of a summer heat wave!

Little ones will enjoy helping measure out 1 and 1/2 cups baking soda and pouring it into a bin.

Instant Snow (2)

Aim to add about 1/4 cup shampoo (clear or white will work best), but honestly, I just let Travis have fun squeezing the shampoo in until we had a nice mix!

Instant Snow (1)

The mixture looks and feels surprisingly like the real thing – cool and fluffy!

Instant Snow (3)

It made for great scooping…

Instant Snow (5)

And adding into cups…

Instant Snow (7)

And even forming into snowballs! A novel way to play on a hot June day.

Instant Snow (4)

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