Shaving Cream + Toys Sensory Play

Shaving Cream Toys (3)

One bin full of shaving cream plus a few toys = a whole lot of seriously messy fun.

We love playing with shaving cream around here, and today we made it all about shaving cream and trucks since we’d just been to the car wash. Pretty much any washable toys will have fun in your bin though – think Duplo people, plastic dinosaurs, toy animals etc.

Shaving Cream Toys (4)

Travis’s trucks drove through great big mounds of shaving cream – was it a construction site or a snowy day?

Shaving Cream Toys (6)

One of his favorite parts was sending all of the trucks through the “car wash” after, and rinsing the shaving cream from each.

Shaving Cream Toys (5)

He also loved just dipping in his fingers of course! The perfect follow-up game after an outing to the real car wash.

Shaving Cream Toys (1)

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