Spread Your Wings

Butterfly Wings alt

Butterflies are everywhere this time of year, whether flitting past us on the beach, at the playground, or in the nearest batch of pretty garden flowers. If your little one wants to bring home the butterfly beauty, try out this creative suggestion from High Five magazine.

To start, grown-ups need to cut a butterfly wing shape from a large piece of cardboard.

Butterfly Wings (1)

To make our wings shiny, we covered them first in strips of aluminum foil – this part was a huge hit, since Travis loves the way foil looks and feels. Plus glue is always fun!

Butterfly Wings (3)

Once the glue dried, it was time to decorate our aluminum foil. Use anything crafty you have, including markers and paints.

Butterfly Wings (4)

Butterfly stickers added a whimsical touch.

Butterfly Wings (5)

To attach the wings to your little butterfly, punch holes in the middle where the wings meet. Thread string through the holes, and then tie over your child’s shoulders.

Butterfly Wings var

Time to flutter away!

Butterfly Wings




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