Shaving Cream Prints

Shaving Print (8)

There is definite WOW factor to this project, even for grown ups!

To begin, squirt a healthy dose of shaving cream onto a baking sheet or tray. Ooh, already this project is exciting!

Shaving Print (1)

Now add a few drops of liquid watercolor to the shaving cream. Travis loved seeing the color appear against the white background, after which I instructed him to swirl the colors through the shaving cream with a skewer.

Shaving Print (3)

Next, press heavy card stock or poster board onto the mixture, one piece at a time. Travis loved helping to gently press the paper on, and lift it up for the big reveal.

Shaving Print (5)

Wipe the excess shaving cream from each piece with an old towel, and set aside to dry – what a gorgeous marbled effect!

Shaving Print (7)

The secret is that the soap in the shaving cream pushes the color away, so it is left behind after the cream is wiped off. It also leaves the paper with a velvety texture that feels amazing!

Shaving Print (9)

This paper is so pretty that you’ll definitely want to use it for gifts – perhaps bookmarks:

Shaving Print (10)

Or thank you cards:

Shaving Print (11)

Or simply hang in a prominent place to display your child’s work of art!

Shaving Print (12)

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