Rainbow Kebabs

Rainbow Kebabs (3)

As fun as it is to draw the rainbow or craft with the rainbow, it’s even more fun to eat it! Make these simple kebabs for a healthy and educational snack.

Start off with some fine-motor skills practice by letting your child use a kid-friendly knife on some of the larger fruit pieces, like pineapple and melon. Smaller items (blueberries, grapes), don’t need to be cut.

Rainbow Kebabs (1)

Now assemble all of your fruits on a plate, making sure you have something in every color of the rainbow. Suggestions are as follows:

Red: strawberries, raspberries

Orange: oranges

Yellow: pineapple

Green: kiwi, honeydew

Blue: blueberries

Purple: grapes

Encourage your child to thread the fruits onto their skewer in rainbow order. Travis was so busy stealing nibbles of fruit that he let me assemble most of them, though! He was most excited by the pineapple, which I don’t buy very often: “I want a yellow one!”

Rainbow Kebabs (2)

If you want to add whimsy to your skewers, consider a marshmallow “cloud” or two!

Overall, this snack ranks high for being both healthy and fun.

Rainbow Kebabs (4)




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