Mud Pies

Mud Pies (7).JPG

Kids usually don’t need any excuse to play with dirt, but at least with this project you get a lovely result! This game was yet another beautiful suggestion from our Barefoot Books Kids’ Garden kit.

To start, fill a pie plate or paper plate with soil using a hand trowel, leaving room on top. We’re new to having a backyard of our own, so Travis is loving all the play with shovels and dirt lately!

Mud Pies (1)

Slowly add water to the soil, stirring until you have a wonderful goopy mud. Travis loved this step of course.

Mud Pies (2)

Now we needed to decorate our “pies.” Add any pretty flower clippings, leaves, or petals, and let your “baker” decorate to his or her heart’s content. I placed a few flowers facing up, but Travis preferred his facing down – a whimsical little element.

Mud Pies (4)

Leave your mud pie to bake in a sunny spot. We checked it again after 4 hours, but since the day had clouded over, it was mostly set, but still a bit mushy.

Mud Pies (6)

Continue checking on your mud pie for about a week to observe any changes. It might turn to mud again if you get a rainy day!

Mud Pies alt

At the end of the week, simply tip it into your garden as compost. How’s that for easy clean up?

Mud Pies (9).JPG


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