Hiking on an Ant Trail

Ant Trail (2)

This adorable idea came to us from Barefoot Books’ Kids’ Garden kit. All you need is a 3-foot length of string, magnifying glasses and your imagination to have a magical moment.

Our new home has a patch of grass – a novelty after years with a balcony that overlooked a dumpster – so when I asked Travis if he wanted to pretend to be an ant outside just after breakfast, the answer was an enthusiastic yes!

Ant Trail (1)

I cut a length of string about three feet long and we placed it in the grass with a few loops and coils. Using our magnifying glasses as we walked, we went inch by careful inch to try and see the world from an ant’s point of view.

Ant Trail (3)

Some of our best finds were little roots of a bush:

Ant Trail (9)

Tiny plants popping up from the soil:

Ant Trail (6)

and dew drops sparkling on a spiderweb.

Ant Trail (8)

It was fantastically fun to slow down and move so carefully, especially in this fast-paced world of ours.

Ant Trail (7)

Do your child and yourself a favor and try this game soon!

Ant Trail (5)

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