Hot Air Spinner

Hot Spinner (4)

This was the perfect science experiment to do hot on the heels of our wind-themed kit from Koala Crate. You’re illustrating for children that warm air is less dense than cold air. So if you hold something above a heat source (like an uncovered lightbulb), the cold air pushes the warm air up and makes it spiral!

First, draw a circle on construction paper, and then pencil in a spiral shape. Cut out.

Hot Spinner (1)

These kinds of projects are great practice for Travis – he gets to mimic my movements (drawing circles, cutting with safety scissors) while I make the version that is precise enough for a science experiment.

Hot Spinner (2)

Next we needed to staple a thread (be sure to use sewing thread; twine or yarn will be too heavy) to the center of the spiral – by far Travis’s favorite part!

Hot Spinner (3)

The next step was a bit tricky to catch on camera! Wrap the other end of your thread around a pencil and hold over a lightbulb (we put a lamp on the ground and removed the shade). Stay still until the spiral comes to a stop, then carefully observe – in moments it will start to whirl!

Hot Spinner (5)

Some good STEM fun to kick off our summer!

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