Wishing Well Game

WIshing Well (5)

Kids love throwing pennies into wishing wells, as was evident when Travis and I recently visited a garden with fountains and he needed to use up every penny in my wallet before he was satisfied!

We took the fun home with this simple game. If you have a water table or empty sandbox, fill that with water for bigger fun! I filled a simple craft bin with a layer of water, and then added small plastic containers to be our targets.

Wishing Well (2)

Before we could begin our wishing, we had to break open the piggy bank to sort out all the pennies – extra fun!

Wishing Well (1)

Encourage your kids to stand back and aim at the containers (the water will make the containers float around a little, for moving target practice). Travis preferred standing right up close.

Wishing Well (4)

But grown ups and bigger kids can take aim from far away. If your penny lands in the container, your wish comes true!

Wishing Well (6)


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