Mini Pinatas

Mini Pinatas (1)

Do your kids have extra energy to burn off at the end of a summer day? Whack out those summer crazies with homemade mini piñatas – no birthday party required!

To make the piñatas we first had fun decorating old party hats. Any cone-shaped vessel will work well, such as paper cups used for sno-cones in the summer.

Travis preferred using markers and playing with the leftover crepe paper.

Mini Pinatas (4)

Meanwhile, I added strands of crepe paper around all the hats.

Mini Pinatas (3)

Fill half of the cones with candy or other treats. Travis opted for Annie’s fruity bunnies!

Mini Pinatas (6)

Originally I snipped the top off of the remaining cones, intending to thread a string through, but found it was easier to make a hole punch and tie the string through that.

Mini Pinatas (5)

The next step is a bit tricky: Hot glue two cones together to make one piñata. It was hard to line the edges up exactly… but that said, the more tenuously your two halves hold together, the easier it will be for your tykes to break them open.

Mini Pinatas (7)

Ideally, we would have hung these outside from a tree branch. But lacking a backyard, we tied them up inside.

Mini Pinatas (8)

That didn’t stop Travis’s fun one bit. He loved having permission to swing with the baseball bat as hard as he could.

Mini Pinatas (9)

Come out candy!

Mini Pinatas (10)

Fun for everyone!

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