Starfish Counting Game

Starfish Count (4)

This adorable game is a fun way to get kids counting (or memorizing by rote) the pips on dice. The beach-y starfish theme makes it just right for the end of summer, if you’re helping kids prep for back-to-school!

I drew two starfish free-hand (don’t judge my stars too harshly!) and added smiles and 10 dots to each (to represent the bumps along a true sea star’s arms).

Starfish count (1)

Set out the starfish as your playing boards, along with pom poms and dice.

Starfish count (2)

Take turns rolling the die, and add the appropriate number of pom poms to your starfish board. The first player to fill in all their bumps wins!

Starfish Count (3)

In sum, a simple counting game that will boost kids’ confidence as they had back to the classroom.

Starfish Count (5)