Domino Steal Game

Domino Steal (3)

On the heels of our starfish counting game, here’s another great way to reinforce numbers and number recognition before back-to-school. Dominoes lend themselves to any variety of counting games – including just matching up the pips! – but this version involves stealing from the other players. An instant preschooler hit!

To play, you need two players, whether two kids, or an adult and one child. Pull out two dominoes, and each player counts the number on theirs. This is great not just for learning to count the dots, but also learning to recognize the arrangement of the pips by sight.

Domino Steal (2)

Whoever has the higher number on his or her domino wins that turn, and gets to “steal” the other players domino. Stealing was a big thrill of course! Here’s the thief in action:

Domino Steal (1)

I swear I didn’t rig the game, but Travis ended up with quite the collection.

Domino Steel (4)

When you’re done playing, I recommend leaving the dominoes out… They are a fantastic prompt for kids who want to arrange them, or play make-believe with them, or practice numbers on their own.