Wild Moves

Animal Moves (6)

I was a bit surprised to find no craft or Green Time in Travis’s latest issue of Ranger Rick Jr., but the magazine was full of fantastic facts and stories about animals, as always. It also included an activity to work those gross motor skills: copying the movements of wild animals.

First up was hopping like a kangaroo. This one was especially neat because the magazine pointed out that a kangaroo can jump 30 feet in one bound (!). We needed to pull out the yard stick to visualize that, and measured our own jumps.

Animal Moves (1)

From there, we tried the article’s other suggestions, which had us waddling like a penguin, flapping like a duck, and pouncing like a cat.

Animal Moves (2)

Travis was having so much fun that I encouraged him to decide which animal move he could do next. Soon we had slithering snakes;

Animal Moves (3)

Trumpeting elephants;

Animal Moves (5)

And a very ferocious lion (pictured at the top of this post).

A great prompt for imagination and to get us moving.

Animal Moves (4)