Yoga Relaxation Walk

Yoga Walk (4).JPG

It’s useful to have poses or tricks for those times your baby is hard to settle, and today I tested out this yoga-inspired method.

If you don’t own a yoga belt, no worries – simply lay a long strip of fabric down on the floor. My husband’s ribbon belts were perfect for this!

Yoga Walk (3)

I held Veronika over one shoulder, and walked along the belt with small steps. Keep your knees slightly bent and your spine straight, and concentrate on putting your feet one in front of the other. It was great to hum to Veronika as I walked, too.

I confess that I like the calming pose better, but this move had the advantage of taking up so much concentration that it gave me a mental break from a crying baby.

If baby’s cries are getting on a big sibling’s nerves, the game can also be fun for them. I told Travis I was challenging him to walk in a straight line along the belt, and he had a blast setting them up on the floor and testing it out, a nice distraction.

Yoga Walk (1)

In sum, this is a good trick to have up my sleeve!


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