Dance to a Rhythm

Dance Rhythm (3).JPG

Today’s activity with Veronika was as simple as can be – we danced!

With Christmas music on repeat in our home, I was reminded o take a moment for a gentle dance party.

Dance Rhythm (1)

Veronika and I put on mellow Christmas tunes and I rocked her to the rhythm. We started out with her in my lap, just swaying to the beat. It was hard to catch her smile on camera, but she seemed to love it.

Dance Rhythm (2)

Then we got up and danced around the room (photo credit to Travis!) for even more movement. Music and rhythm is so innate in young kids, and it’s never too early to expose them to how it feels to move to a beat.

Whether it’s holiday tunes, classical music, or your other favorite dancing tune, I hope you get up and dance with your little one, too!

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