Face to Face

Face to Face (2)

The other day, my husband attached Veronika’s car seat into the stroller base facing away from me – and it felt so wrong!

It’s a reminder of why I always make sure to face her car seat or stroller attachment toward me, and was the perfect prompt for today’s activity: put in face-to-face time with your infant.

If your baby faces you in the stroller, you can narrate everything you see while shopping or walking. Travis likes to engage Veronika, too!

Face to Face (3)

Likewise at home, I made a point of engaging Veronika face-to-face while in the Ergo. I  lifted her up slightly so our faces were near each other, and narrated the happenings in our home and kitchen,

Face to Face (1)

Her big happy eyes tell me she loves the interaction!


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