VIsual Reassurance

Visual Reassure (3)

If your infant has a hard time on car rides, whether that means crying for you, simply fussing, or generally seeming to miss you, then this game is for you!

It can be tough for infants who need to ride backwards, since they can hear your voice, but they can’t see you. I love having a mirror hanging in the backseat so I can see Veronika, but that doesn’t mean she can see me!

Cue this adorable idea: tape up pictures of mom, dad, and other key family members.

Visual Reassure (1)

I had cheap prints made at the drugstore, and first let Veronika take a look at them. She was instantly really clued into them, clearly recognizing faces of her caregivers.

Visual Reassure (2)

A little tape and voila, I had a collage of family members up on the mirror. She seemed to love gazing up!

Visual Reassure (4)

If you want to make the pictures more permanent, laminate them before hanging.

I love that this gives her something interesting to look at, now, as well providing reassurance that I’m there, even when she can’t see me at the wheel. How do you keep your infant happy in the car? Please share in the comments!


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