Learning Things That Go

Stamps (4)

There are so many ways to teach toddlers about the various vehicles in the world, whether that means cars and trucks, or boats, or planes, or everything in between. Most obviously you can point these things out in the real world or read about them in books. But toddlers are so tactile, so consider hands-on learning with stamps or stickers that depict things that go!

First up: stickers. Veronika is currently obsessed with stickers, so we had lots of fun with a reusable sticker book from Melissa & Doug. She was a little frustrated that the big planes and trucks wouldn’t stick to her belly…

Stickers (5)

…but loved that she could lift them off the page over and over.

Stamps (5)

Next up: stamps! I purchased a stamp set with big chunky ones just right for toddler-sized hands.

Stamps (1)

We talked about the image on each stamp before I pulled out the ink pads. Of course the ink itself was more fascinating for a while!

Stamps (2)

But soon I showed her how to press a stamp down into the ink, which then appears like magic when pressed on paper. She was a little young for this activity, impishly trying to eat the stamps, so we tucked the ink pad away. But I loved that this was both a vocab lesson and an “art” activity.

Stamps (3)

One final option: felt pieces featuring things that go. Veronika loves her set with cut-outs of planes, trains, and more.

Things That Go alt

Little felt shapes like this of things that go are great for, well, when you’re on the go!

Things That Go var

Whichever medium you choose, there’s lots of hands-on learning and fun to be had!

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