Bucket of Balls

Bucket of Balls (6)

While big brother and I were playing math games with balls, I tailored some ball play to Veronika. The set-up? Just grab a bucket and fill it with a variety of balls; that’s it!

From there, I had no agenda for her (like past games that worked on gross motor skills or vocab) but was interested instead to see what she would be inspired to do with this simple set-up.

Bucket of Balls (1)

First she dug through, pulling out the balls in turn. Then it was so much fun to upend the bucket and watch the balls go rolling.

Bucket of Balls (2)

I helped her scamper after the balls so we could add them back in one at a time with a “plink”!

Bucket of Balls (4)

Of course the bucket itself was a toy, too.

Bucket of Balls (3)

As she played, I did chime in with a few words about the texture of each ball. Some were squishy, some were hard, and there was lots of color variation to discuss, too.

The bumpy one on her belly was the most fun of all!

Bucket of Balls (5)

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