Coffee Can Drum

Coffee Can Drum (11)

We have several real drums that Veronika loves to bang on, but toddlers are even happier when things are sized just right for them. You can easily make a tot-sized drum that’s perfect for toddler hands with a few upcycled items.

To make the drum, clean out a coffee can and remove any outer labels. From there, Veronika was in charge of decoration! I gave her paper and markers and she was so proud drawing.

Coffee Can Drum (1)

I love that she’ll tell me what she’s drawing (“triangles”, “ten little buses”), even if the resemblance between her words and her scribbles isn’t apparent.

Coffee Can Drum (2)

I then adhered her artwork to the can using contact paper.

Coffee Can Drum (5)

Use hot glue to attach the lid of the can. If you have a spare lid from a second can, you could add it to the bottom for a two-sided drum.

Coffee Can Drum (7)

We actually preferred leaving the bottom metal, because this meant she could alternate the volume of her drumming; soft on the plastic lid, loud and pingy on the metal. There was even a third alternative, at mid-volume, if she drummed on the middle of the can!

Coffee Can Drum (10)

For an at-home mallet, I used hot glue to insert the lead end of a pencil into a wooden craft spool. Again, just the right size for toddler hands.

Coffee Can Drum (6)

And it turned out that leftover spools were excellent for stacking!

Coffee Can Drum (4)

Veronika was clearly so proud of her little drum.

Coffee Can Drum (12)

We put on music and got jamming.

Coffee Can Drum (8)

Not a coffee drinker? Simply use an empty oatmeal container instead. Don’t have spools and pencils? Just use an empty toilet paper tube!

Coffee Can Drum (9)