Cars and Colors

Cars and Colors (7)

Veronika loves to drive around her little cars, so today I turned it into a color game. Each car had a corresponding “garage” of the same color to drive into.

Okay, so these weren’t really garages, just flat pieces of construction paper. But Veronika immediately took to vrooming the cars onto them.

Cars and Colors (1)

I started out making things very easy for her, just two different color cars and their corresponding paper. “Can you drive the orange car onto the orange paper?” I asked her.

Cars and Colors (2)

Success! So we made it harder. I added a third color, and then a fourth, and so on.

Cars and Colors (6)

Each time she vroomed the right car. Some of this might have been coincidence of course, since I laid down the correct piece of paper directly in front of her. But it’s all about reinforcement and repetition at this age!

Cars and Colors (4)

Throughout the day, I kept up the line of “Can you…?” questioning with regards to color. “Can you hand me the green car?” I asked her.

Cars and Colors (5)

“Can you pull on the red ribbon?”

Color Game (1)

“Can you point to the yellow sticker?”

Color Game (3)

This is such an easy way to reinforce colors throughout the day. You can even make it more of a Simon Says game: “If you’re wearing pink, clap your hands!”

Color Cards (3)

Want more color learning ideas? Try picking a color of the day the next time you take a trip out of the house.