Color of the Day

Color of the Day (4)

For toddlers who are learning all their colors, there are a lot of new words and ideas to take in all at once. One way to break it down is to devote a day to each color in turn. For example, today Veronika had a red day! You can continue this game on successive days of the week for each color of the rainbow, or add in other common colors like pink, black, brown, and white.

To start us off in the morning, I sang this ditty to the tune of BINGO:

There is a color of the day, and that color is red.

Red, red, red. Red, red red. Red red red.

The color is red.

And of course I pointed out red as I sang! So all day long, it was all about red. She had a red straw in her cup of almond milk.

Color of the Day (1)

And she built with red blocks, and played with red fruits from the toy food bin.

Color of the Day (3)

And she sorted red berries only from a coloring sorting pie.

Color of the Day (5)

When she wanted to draw, I gave her red crayons and markers of course!

Color of the Day (6)

If your child has clothing in the corresponding color of the day, then today’s the day to wear it! When we headed out of the house, I pointed out red everywhere we saw it, whether on Stop signs or other people’s clothing or flowers. We were so happy to spot this vibrant red in the sculpture park!

Color of the Day alt

What color shall we focus on tomorrow? Can’t wait to explore more!

Color of the Day (2)

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