Nature Soup Sensory Activity

Nature Soup (10)

Here’s a beautiful activity that will engage the senses and fire up the imagination, making it accessible for multiple ages. I told the kids they were going to open a nature restaurant on the back patio and serve up nature soup. Let the excitement begin!

First we needed to gather “ingredients” from all around the yard. I armed the kids with zip-top bags to put in any treasures they found. Veronika loved little flowers and bits of grass, while big brother Travis preferred large finds like pine cones and bark.

Nature Soup (1)

We’re ready!

Nature Soup (2)

Back on the patio, I had filled a storage bin with a shallow layer of water and added plastic plates, bowls, and spoons. We dumped in all the nature treasures and it was time to cook!

Nature Soup (4)

For Veronika, this was mostly a beautiful sensory experience.

Nature Soup (3)

She loved feeling the cold water and the texture of all the nature items, as well as smelling the sweet pine scents of the pine cones and needles.

Nature Soup (9)

It was great practice for her pouring and scooping skills. She even was scooping up bits of bark with a spoon and transferring to a cup so steadily.

Nature Soup (11)

For Travis, it was much more about imaginative play. He loved making me new “drinks” to try and even provided me with a stick “straw” in each cup.

Nature Soup (5)

He was so proud of his culinary creations!

Nature Soup (7)

Meanwhile Veronika was busily splashing in the water, simultaneously keeping cool and learning.

Nature Soup (8)

I would highly recommend this activity on any warm day.

Nature Soup (12)

Melty Masterpiece

Ice Block Paint (5)

Veronika has already used ice as a paint brush, so now it was time to use ice as her canvas! This is a fantastic art activity for outdoors on a hot day.

Overnight, freeze a cube of ice in a large plastic food container. In the morning, I simply popped out the cube and set it on a tray for Veronika, along with 3 colors of paint.

Ice Block Paint (1)

She immediately wanted to paint “all by self,” dipping her brush into one of the colors and watching it run over the ice.

Ice Block Paint (2)

The neat trick here is that the sun will work to melt the ice at the same time your toddler works to paint it, resulting in beautiful drippy colors.

Ice Block Paint (4)

She painted until it was completely coated in paint and gleaming.

Ice Block Paint (6)

It was fun to watch the paint run down the sides together!

Ice Block Paint (7)

We were curious how long it would take to melt completely, and left her melty masterpiece outside in the sunshine. After only about an hour, we had a peach-colored puddle instead.

Ice Block Paint (3)

An ephemeral but fantastic art project for toddlers.

Ice Block Paint (8)