Melty Masterpiece

Ice Block Paint (5)

Veronika has already used ice as a paint brush, so now it was time to use ice as her canvas! This is a fantastic art activity for outdoors on a hot day.

Overnight, freeze a cube of ice in a large plastic food container. In the morning, I simply popped out the cube and set it on a tray for Veronika, along with 3 colors of paint.

Ice Block Paint (1)

She immediately wanted to paint “all by self,” dipping her brush into one of the colors and watching it run over the ice.

Ice Block Paint (2)

The neat trick here is that the sun will work to melt the ice at the same time your toddler works to paint it, resulting in beautiful drippy colors.

Ice Block Paint (4)

She painted until it was completely coated in paint and gleaming.

Ice Block Paint (6)

It was fun to watch the paint run down the sides together!

Ice Block Paint (7)

We were curious how long it would take to melt completely, and left her melty masterpiece outside in the sunshine. After only about an hour, we had a peach-colored puddle instead.

Ice Block Paint (3)

An ephemeral but fantastic art project for toddlers.

Ice Block Paint (8)


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