Activity Course with Balloons

Activity Course with Balloons (11)

I recently took apart the alphabet mat that’s been in the kids’ playroom, but before stowing it away, I realized it made for a great indoor obstacle course. Leftover balloons from a birthday party only added to the fun!

I set up sections of the alphabet mat in lines, so they were close but not touching. I then added a few other items good for gross motor skills like a play tunnel and hula hoops.

Activity Course with Balloons (3)

Veronika immediately wanted to walk along the mat…

Activity Course with Balloons (1)

…but now I added to the challenge. The kids had to make it from start to finish while holding a balloon the whole time!

Activity Course with Balloons (10)

At various intervals I had them stop to do an action, like jumping in place 3 times, spinning 3 times, or chasing a balloon through the play tunnel.


Activity Course with Balloons (7)

There was even a section to transport the balloon across a longer gap in the mat via dolly carriage.

Activity Course with Balloons (9)

It turned out that big brother Travis enjoyed the physical challenges more than my toddler, and in retrospect the direction-taking involved was more suited to older kids. But Veronika still had fun!

Activity Course with Balloons (6)

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