Chalk Color Matching Game

Outdoor Color Match (3)

Here’s an activity that’s a bit like a paint chip rainbow nature hunt, but tailored more to fit a toddler’s age and abilities.

On a gorgeous garden walk today, I directed Veronika’s attention to lots of different colored flowers. (“Look, reds! “Can you see the blue flower?”). I didn’t specifically ask her to collect any one color, but I carefully made sure we had at least one item from each color of the rainbow by the end of our walk.

Outdoor Color Match (1)

Once home, I sketched out a chalk rainbow on our back patio. As soon as I said, “Red…” she began to sing a rainbow song, going through all the colors!

Outdoor Color Match (6)

We then laid out our treasures from the garden. I placed red flowers on the red rectangle, orange on the orange, and so on.

Outdoor Color Match (4)

Soon she was helping!

Outdoor Color Match (2)

The flowers didn’t stay in one spot for long, since she wanted to pluck the leaves or rub them between her fingers. But I loved that she turned the color play into sensory play, too!

Outdoor Color Match (7)

Older toddlers can go even further with the game. Talk about shapes, or sort your colored items by a different attribute. I’d love to hear how the game goes for you in the comments!

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