Glowing Bean Bag Toss

Glow Bean Bag Toss (14)

After playing a glow-in-the-dark Frisbee game recently, tonight it was time for glow-in-the-dark bean bags!

This kiddie-version of Cornhole can be played in daylight, too. First, I taped a cardboard box securely with duct tape along the top and bottom, and then used an X-acto knife to cut it in half along a diagonal.

Glow Bean Bag Toss (1)

Cut a hole in the center of each. These will be your target boards. Travis was in charge of decorating them! We used colorful washi tape to make patterns and designs.

Glow Bean Bag Toss (3)

Of course little sister wanted to help, too.

Glow Bean Bag Toss (4)

The bean bags were a bit tricky to make. Cut snack-size zip-top bags into an octagon shape, and then use more decorative tape to cover them and seal the edges. Leave an opening at the top. Fill with dried beans, then add more washi tape along the top. Time to toss!

Glow Bean Bag Toss (6)

We scored 1 point for any bags that landed on the board, 3 points if it went in the hole.

Glow Bean Bag Toss (9)

We upped the ante and kept moving further back from the board with each round. Travis was a natural!

Glow Bean Bag Toss (10)

Once it grew dark, it was time to make it all glow. We cracked glow sticks to activate them and taped them along the sides of the box targets.

Glow Bean Bag Toss (12)

Then we added small glow sticks to a few more bean bags, adding them in with the beans before sealing shut.

Glow Bean Bag Toss (11)

Travis wanted to play so many rounds that bedtime ended up being a little delayed! But that’s exactly what summer nights are for.

Glow Bean Bag Toss (13)

Sandbox Construction Site

Sandbox 1 (2)

I’ve put together small “construction sites” for Veronika before (and for big brother Travis, too, when he was younger), but when a huge bag of play sand arrived today, I knew we had to set up the biggest version yet!

You could do this activity outside in a real sandbox, too, if you have one at home or a neighborhood playground.

We also wanted to collect little rocks for our site and headed outside with a bucket. I poured the sand into a large storage bin and added the rocks along one side. We then added Veronika’s construction vehicles.

Sandbox 1 (1)

The trucks were soon very busy!

Sandbox 1 (3)

Veronika sprinkled sand into the dump truck.

Sandbox 1 (6)

She loved using the front loader to push rocks around.

Sandbox 1 (4)

And then there was just lots of driving trucks around and burying rocks in the sand!

Sandbox 1 (5)

Needless to say, the rocks didn’t stay gathered along one side for long. Older toddlers may want to be more deliberate with their “building”, though, gathering rocks in one place, or building them up into structures.

Sandbox 1 (7)

Travis definitely needed in on this one. His favorite part was burying trucks in the sand, to be unearthed in a big rescue.

Sandbox 1 (9)

The high sides of the storage bin even meant that all the sand stayed in the box!

Sandbox 1 (10)

And the lid meant we didn’t have to clean-up, but could simply cover the box and set it aside for next time. One thing’s for sure: We’ll be pulling this one out again soon.

Sandbox 1 (11)

Scarf Scuffle

Scarf Scuffle (3)

Toddler’s love scarves, and of course you can always turn to go-to activities like dancing with them, or tossing them in the air to watch them float down, or crumpling them up into a tiny ball that pops open. But today, we headed outside with scarves to engage Veronika’s imagination a little, too!

Scarf Scuffle (1)

What could she be with her scarf? First up, we were fluttering birds and butterflies. She loved flapping and tweeting as she pranced around the patio this way.

Scarf Scuffle (4)

How about a flower growing? We pretended we were flowers stretching high towards the sun, the scarves rising up above our head. Pretending to be a leaf would work, too, fluttering down instead!

Scarf Scuffle (2)

Her favorite was when I wrapped one around her waist (this girl loves dress-up!), and told her she was a ballerina. She danced…

Scarf Scuffle (6)

…and twirled…

Scarf Scuffle (7)

…and went up on tippy-toe!

Scarf Scuffle (5)

What a wonderful way to imagine and play. Are there any favorite scarf games in your house? Please share in the comments!