Play Dough Construction Site

Play Dough Construction Site (4)

Veronika loves to play with her set of construction trucks, and I am all for any sort of gender-neutral play like this! Today I supplemented the fun by adding in a play dough “construction site”.

This really couldn’t have been easier to set up. I mashed some play dough flat on the bottom of a shallow tray to the be the dirt, then rolled some into balls to fill the dump truck like large ‘rocks’. Finally, I rolled some into ‘logs’ for the bulldozer to push.

Play Dough Construction Site (1)

The rest was up to her! She loved saying “full” and “empty” as she took the ‘rocks’ in and out of her dump truck.

Play Dough Construction Site (2)

She might not have understood that she was now the foreman at an important construction lot, but she sure loved squishing the play dough and driving the vehicles around!

Play Dough Construction Site (5)

We also put the empty play dough containers upside down like construction cones, which she could then drive around – or bump into!

Play Dough Construction Site (6)

This was an easy sensory tray that kept her busy for quite a while.

Play Dough Construction Site (3)

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