Tape Shapes

Tape Shapes (6)

Veronika loves shapes and she literally squealed with delight when I set up this easy learning activity on the floor this morning.

Using colored masking tape, I made four giant shapes on the floor: a triangle, square, star (her favorite!), and circle. Note that the circle is a little tough to make with tape, and shapes with straight sides will be easier.

Tape Shapes (1)

Not only was this great for shape recognition, but also counted as our gross motor play for the morning. First she hopped to the triangle!

Tape Shapes (2)

Then she ran to the square.

Tape Shapes (3)

Then she twirled in the star.

Tape Shapes (7)

You get the idea! For each shape, give your toddler a new action to perform, simultaneously testing their shape recognition and their listening skills.

Tape Shapes (5)

She’s off to the circle, folks! This was so easy, but she absolutely loved it. Definitely a game we’ll repeat soon.

Tape Shapes (4)

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