Monster and Creature Straw Paintings

Monster Straw Art (10)

Travis recently learned to make blobs of watercolor paints turn into art with nothing more than a straw, thanks to Kiwi Crate! He loved the activity so much that today we did a repeat, this time creating a set of silly monsters.

Travis chose three colors of liquid watercolor for the first piece of paper, and we dripped on a nice blob of each. Then he proudly blew through a straw.

Monster Straw Art (1)

He loves that he can do this now, scattering the paint with no fear of inhaling it, which wasn’t the case at first.

Monster Straw Art (4)

We soon had crazy wobbly waving shapes.

Monster Straw Art (2)

We examined them carefully to see what monsters we could identify! Travis loved pointing out antennae, six-legged fiends, holes for their eyes and more.

Monster Straw Art (3)

Of course we needed to repeat with a new set of colors. “I want to make lots!” Travis declared.

Monster Straw Art (7)

For the final piece of paper, he combined two colors (blue and black) in one big blob in the center and huffed out a giant monster with his straw.

Monster Straw Art (8)

Let the paint dry completely.

Monster Straw Art (9)

Once dry, we could add details. I suggested gluing down wiggle eyes, but Travis preferred to add embellishments with a marker, including giant cyclops eyes.

Monster Straw Art (11)

And fire for this one, that reminded us of a dragon!

Monster Straw Art (12)

All in all, this was frightfully good fun.

Monster Straw Art (13)

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