Sensory Construction Bin

Construction Bin (2)

This simple sensory bin is heaven for any kid who loves playing with construction trucks!

I ordered play sand from Amazon, and although the quantity I received wasn’t nearly what I expected, the amount ended up working well. I poured it into our plastic storage bin, just enough for a thin layer; this shallow sand meant we could make tire tracks, pile sand in some corners while leaving other spaces with only a thin cover, and otherwise have a grand old time. However, make the sand deeper if you want to!

Construction Bin (5)

When Travis woke up from his nap, I had the bin set up and ready to go – sand, trucks, and various materials to be construction truck lumber, including wooden craft sticks and some real wood chips we’d collected outside earlier in the day. The wood chips turned out to be home to a few tiny bugs, which gave our construction site a feel of authenticity!

Construction Bin (4)

Travis set right to, driving bulldozers, filling dump trucks, and making aforementioned piles of sand.

Construction Bin (6)

Soon, he announced he needed to wear his construction vest!

The craft sticks were great for setting up as the beams of a building.

Construction Bin (8)

We did this activity on our balcony in the sunlight, making for beautiful afternoon play.

Construction Bin (7)

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