Milk Carton Animals

Milk Carton (6)

With several empty Silk cartons around the house, we decided to play with them instead of relegating them immediately to the recycling bin!

This was a craft that I largely had to put together for Travis (too complicated for a two year old’s fingers!) but he was so into it, watching intently every step of the way, and mimicking making his own version with all the materials that were out.

Milk Carton (1)

First, we turned a creamer carton into a pig. I covered it with pink construction paper, which I cut to fit and taped in place (sorry, my woeful crafting skills are on display here, folks!)

Milk Carton (2)

Travis then helped glue two googly eyes into place and to tape on the curly pink pipe cleaner tale. He loved the pink cap that we turned into the nose!

Milk Carton (3)

No sooner finished than he asked if we could make a cow. We were all out of brown and black construction paper, so our cow was white with very vibrant orange spots – why not? Travis loved “helping” cut spots for the cow.

Milk Carton (4)

Once finished, he had a blast moving the animals around the living room, making them oink and moo.

Milk Carton (7)

Great imaginative props to play with!

Milk Carton (8)

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