Color Match Caterpillar

Color Match Caterpillar (4)

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a much-loved book around here, so after a cute read of it this week, we made our own caterpillar, and “fed” him fruit – the game involved both imagination and a nice lesson in color sorting!

Preschoolers may want to put together their own caterpillar, but I largely assembled ours for Travis, gluing down circles of different color construction paper for the body, drawing on a face, and adding pipe cleaner antennas and googly eyes.

Color Match Caterpillar (1)

Once the glue dries, set out the caterpillar along with pom poms in colors that match your circles. We had “blueberries” “strawberries” “oranges” “lemons” and “grapes” for our caterpillar to eat.

Color Match Caterpillar (2)

To be honest, Travis wasn’t that into getting the correctly colored pom poms onto the corresponding circle, but he did think our caterpillar was very cute!

Color Match Caterpillar (5)

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