Glow-Bee (5)

Next time your kids want to toss a disc back and forth, don’t just play Frisbee; play Glow-bee. All you need are a few glow-in-the-dark sticks to take a regular game up a notch.

First, Travis used paint markers to decorate a clear plastic lid. We used one from an empty yogurt container, although a larger lid might have been better.

Glow-Bee (1)

Let the paint dry completely.

Glow-Bee (2)

Wait for it to get dark, then add glow sticks! Snap them just before playing, and use hot glue to adhere to the decorated lid.

Glow-Bee (4)

This was so fun to toss, even though it wasn’t pitch black.

Glow-Bee (6)

The streaks of light still made it look like a little comet shooting through the halls.

Glow-Bee (3)

A fun way tire ’em out with a little exercise, right before bed.

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