Baby’s Adventure

Baby's Adventure (5)

Whether your day involves a simple stroll to the mailbox, a trip to the store, a jaunt to the playground, or something more out of the ordinary, it’s all exciting for a toddler. Everything is new and wondrous at this age, and this fun game will highlight that fact once you return home.

Today’s “adventure” was simple (a trip to a local playground, followed by a quick stop for dinner ingredients on the way home). But when we got in, I opened up two paper grocery bags so they lay flat, and set out markers.

Baby's Adventure (1)

Starting on one side of the paper, I talked excitedly to Veronika about how the journey had begun: leaving home and setting off in our car. “Gray car!” she said with excitement when she looked at my drawing. The journey continued along the road and I talked about the scenery we had passed. “Swings!” she said happily as I drew them.


Baby's Adventure (2)

I then talked her through the jaunt to the grocery store on the way home (don’t forget about the train we spotted!) followed by ending back where we had begun.

Baby's Adventure (4)

As I drew and talked through my version, she happily scribbled on the second paper bag I had laid out. She said she was drawing trucks and motorcycles!

Baby's Adventure (3)

This was such a great way to make Veronika the main character of her own story. Plus we simply had fun making art together!

Baby's Adventure (6)


Beach in Your Sandbox

Beach In Your Sandbox (3)

Although this indoor sandbox wasn’t quite as big a hit as recent ones, a make-believe beach still provided fun morning entertainment before we could head off to the real thing!

For set up, I filled a large storage bin with sand. (Note: The stray pieces of black bean were leftover from a dinosaur dig, but the kids decided that now they were “seashells”).

Beach In Your Sandbox (1)

Then add whatever beach-y elements you have on hand. I used blue felt for water with a few plastic sea creatures swimming on top; fabric scraps for beach towels, topped with a few Duplo figures; and a few real sea shells. If you have tiny drink umbrellas, they would be perfect as beach umbrellas!

Beach In Your Sandbox (2)

Veronika’s favorite part about this sandbox were the people figures. She liked walking them through the sand or lying them down to be “cozy” on their beach blankets.

Beach In Your Sandbox (6)

Big brother Travis liked burying them in the sand!

Beach In Your Sandbox (5)

The kids begged for me to add real water. In retrospect I wish I hadn’t since it made clean-up harder (wet sand is more of a pain than dry sand), but I indulged them. I made a moat along one side of the bin lined with the blue felt and poured in water.

Beach In Your Sandbox (8)

Now the people and sea creatures could go for a swim! It was fun to see the kids smiles when they made their toys splash about.

Beach In Your Sandbox (9)

Glow Bottle Bowling

Glow Bottle Bowling (6)

Long summer nights are tailor-made for staying up late, and I love finding activities to heighten the excitement. So on the heels of a few other glow-in-the-dark sports, tonight it was time to go bowling!

During the day, we decorated empty plastic water bottles with colorful tape. You could also use paint markers, but Travis preferred just to use the tape. He loved making diagonal stripes on his!

Glow Bottle Bowling (1)

After dark, we activated glow sticks and dropped one in each bottle.

Glow Bottle Bowling (2)

Line up in bowling formation, then take aim with bean bags! You can use regular bean bags, or glowing ones leftover from a bean bag toss.

Glow Bottle Bowling (3)

Travis loved it so much he insisted on multiple rounds. We played several variations, like lining them up in different ways or sliding the bean bags along the floor instead of throwing them.

Glow Bottle Bowling (4)

I think we’ll need a new set of glow sticks so we can play again tomorrow night!

Glow Bottle Bowling (5)

If your kids are older and want a greater challenge, fill the bottles with water to make them harder targets.