Beach in Your Sandbox

Beach In Your Sandbox (3)

Although this indoor sandbox wasn’t quite as big a hit as recent ones, a make-believe beach still provided fun morning entertainment before we could head off to the real thing!

For set up, I filled a large storage bin with sand. (Note: The stray pieces of black bean were leftover from a dinosaur dig, but the kids decided that now they were “seashells”).

Beach In Your Sandbox (1)

Then add whatever beach-y elements you have on hand. I used blue felt for water with a few plastic sea creatures swimming on top; fabric scraps for beach towels, topped with a few Duplo figures; and a few real sea shells. If you have tiny drink umbrellas, they would be perfect as beach umbrellas!

Beach In Your Sandbox (2)

Veronika’s favorite part about this sandbox were the people figures. She liked walking them through the sand or lying them down to be “cozy” on their beach blankets.

Beach In Your Sandbox (6)

Big brother Travis liked burying them in the sand!

Beach In Your Sandbox (5)

The kids begged for me to add real water. In retrospect I wish I hadn’t since it made clean-up harder (wet sand is more of a pain than dry sand), but I indulged them. I made a moat along one side of the bin lined with the blue felt and poured in water.

Beach In Your Sandbox (8)

Now the people and sea creatures could go for a swim! It was fun to see the kids smiles when they made their toys splash about.

Beach In Your Sandbox (9)

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