Mango Honeydew Sorbet

Mango Honeydew (2)

Mango and honeydew might not make an obvious fruit combo, but a dish of this sorbet is so refreshing on a hot day. And contains no added sugar, to boot!


  • 2 and 1/2 cups chopped fresh honeydew
  • 1 and 1/2 cups chopped fresh mango
  • 1/2 cup apple juice
  1. Combine all ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth.
  2. Transfer to a freezer-safe dish and freeze. Every 2 hours or so, scrape the mixture with a fork to fluff. Repeat until ready to serve.

Note: If you forget an interval of fluffing or two, don’t fret. We certainly did on a busy summer afternoon, and it still turned out just fine!

Mango Honeydew (3)

Nature Names

Nature Names (5)

In the past, Travis has hunted for items in nature that go with each letter of his name. But never before have we crafted his name from nature! This was a neat twist to give purpose to today’s foray into nature.

Soft, delicate items will work best for this project, so I encouraged Travis to look for grasses, leaves, and petals. Mostly though, he collected lots of little pebbles, which ended up working fine.

Nature Names (1)

At home, we set out pieces of colored construction paper, and I encouraged Travis to think about how the letters of his name would look if dotted in glue.

Nature Names (2)

This was a little tricky for him and it ended up being easier to write the letter first, then dot the glue over the lines.

Nature Names (3)

He then could add rocks or bits grass and leaves to each dot, making for a pretty nature collage! We decided to make one for little sister’s nickname, too.

Nature Names (4)

Another successful project at Camp Mom.

Paper-Airplane Launch

Paper Airplane (6)

Today at Camp Mom it was time for another classic activity: paper airplanes! Travis was initially reluctant, but the activity turned in to nearly an hour of crafting and play.

First we needed a refresher on how to make fold paper into a plane, though, so I pulled up a 90 second tutorial on YouTube. This had us making lots of mistakes and laughing…

Paper Airplane (1)

…or occasionally getting frustrated…

Paper Airplane (10)…and little sister crumpling up lots of extra paper to participate…

Paper Airplane (12)

…but then persevering until we had the method down.

Paper Airplane (3)

Time to launch! Rather than just randomly throw them, we set up a goal of orange cones.(Note: this game would be fantastic outside if it’s not too hot in your area, but we were staying cool inside during a heat wave).

Paper Airplane (4)

Our goal was to get the planes to fly through the openings between the cones (which of course pretty soon were dubbed the “Death Star”). Well that meant we needed lots more planes, along with a named pilot for every plane, and Travis staged a full battle.

Paper Airplane (9)

Whether you’re playing this game outside like a race to finish, or inside with an imaginative twist, it’s a great activity for a summer morning.

Paper Airplane (8)

Ice Sandbox and Block Play

Ice Blocks (16)

The heat wave continues in our area and that means so does the icy fun. How did we play with ice today? Think boxes and blocks.

First up was an ice “sandbox”, a fantastic riff on at-home sandbox play. But this time I filled a shallow tray with crushed ice instead of sand.

Ice Blocks (5)

I added a few beach toys and we headed out to the back patio. From there, it was the coolest beach day ever! We decided to squeeze on food coloring for fun, but you can skip that part.

Ice Blocks (10)

Veronika then loved scooping through the ice with a beach shovel and using it to fill up little toy boats and sand pails.

Ice Blocks (18)

She also loved hopping a frog through the ice. And feeding the frog some ice! It must have been thirsty.

Ice Blocks (19)

But those tiny ice chips melt fast when it’s already 80 degrees at 8 a.m., so we needed something more solid. Luckily I was prepared.

Ice Blocks (14)

The night before, freeze water in an empty milk container. I added a few drops of blue food coloring to this one for an ocean feel, then trapped a few toys inside (an activity that the kids never tire of).

Ice Blocks (9)

No need to chip away at the ice with a hammer on this day, though; the sun did all the work and melted her little toys free!

Ice Blocks (13)

Even neater, the water in our almond milk carton hadn’t frozen entirely over night, leaving a crystal cavern of water in the middle.

Ice Blocks (12)

Big brother Travis delighted in this particular ice game even more, picking apart the block and releasing the toys inside as each portion melted.

Ice Blocks (15)

Finally, I had filled a bunch of water balloons the night before and then popped them in the freezer!

Ice Blocks (3)

These were a fantastic hit. Veronika held them and bounced them liek yo-yos…

Ice Blocks (4)

…and giggled at how cold they felt when she held them.

Ice Blocks (11)

And of course we could smash them to the ground to crack open like icy eggs.

Ice Blocks (2)

Now we were all cooled off!

Ice Blocks (7)