Paper-Airplane Launch

Paper Airplane (6)

Today at Camp Mom it was time for another classic activity: paper airplanes! Travis was initially reluctant, but the activity turned in to nearly an hour of crafting and play.

First we needed a refresher on how to make fold paper into a plane, though, so I pulled up a 90 second tutorial on YouTube. This had us making lots of mistakes and laughing…

Paper Airplane (1)

…or occasionally getting frustrated…

Paper Airplane (10)…and little sister crumpling up lots of extra paper to participate…

Paper Airplane (12)

…but then persevering until we had the method down.

Paper Airplane (3)

Time to launch! Rather than just randomly throw them, we set up a goal of orange cones.(Note: this game would be fantastic outside if it’s not too hot in your area, but we were staying cool inside during a heat wave).

Paper Airplane (4)

Our goal was to get the planes to fly through the openings between the cones (which of course pretty soon were dubbed the “Death Star”). Well that meant we needed lots more planes, along with a named pilot for every plane, and Travis staged a full battle.

Paper Airplane (9)

Whether you’re playing this game outside like a race to finish, or inside with an imaginative twist, it’s a great activity for a summer morning.

Paper Airplane (8)

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